Meeting Customer and Workplace Safety Compliance

customer and workplace safety compliance

You know you are good at what you do, but workplace safety compliance including Health, Safety, Environment & Quality plans, procedures and registers are not what you do!

For small to medium business it generally doesn’t make sense to employ someone to do this work, consultants can be expensive, and you may not even really know what needs to be done.

Apps 101 can help. We have developed a simple web based business management application that provides you with the framework to be successful. You can even use it on a tablet or a smartphone in the field to manage your workplace compliance requirements.

In built registers for Confined Space, Electrical Test & Tag, Ladders & Lifting Gear

PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, allows you to create necessary registers using a simple report. No more updating spreadsheets! When your equipment is entered along with your related compliance requirements, an up to date register is always at your fingertips.

Managing License and training requirements required by your customer and/or WH&S Legislation

Managing the currency of your workers licensing and training can be draining on your administrative resources. Simple functionality in PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, allows you to define the requirements for different customers and work activities and then at a glance you can see your compliance against these requirements. You can ensure that you only assign workers to a task they are trained, licensed and competent to undertake. Notifications of qualification expiry are set by you to ensure an alert is raised and email notification sent to the person you assign to manage the refreshers required.

Having your important documents always on hand to respond to customer requests and when creating tenders for new work

LIBRARY 101 functionality allows you to manage all of your important documents. It can be a challenge to run your business each day and prepare the best quote or tender to a new customer. LIBRARY 101 allows you to store documents in folders that make them easy to find. The simple document control process provides a one click ‘inactive’ flag to remove the old stuff from your view.

Notification and authorisation functions included allow you to send email notifications when you have new or updated documents.

Managing equipment pre-starts and servicing

The equipment module of PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, provides you the ability to set requirements for individual types of equipment. Daily, weekly or monthly pre-starts on equipment or required services, whether they be based on kilometres or hours can be managed within the system.

Smart eforms can be developed and used for the repeatable activities, and can be completed on a tablet or smart phone. Automatic workflows are sent, and alerts are used when something is close to requirement or overdue.

Sending jobs to workers in the field

An integral component of PLATFORM 101 is WORKFLOW 101. WORKFLOW 101 allows you to send new jobs to your workers while they are away from the office. Using a tablet or smart phone, workers can be updated with new jobs and sign-off completed jobs.

Web based functionality keeps you on-line!

Your system is available anywhere you can access the internet. If your hard drive crashes or your laptop is unavailable, that’s ok, all of your documents and data is safe. Just login from any machine and you are back in business. Apps for smartphones and tablets are available for use in the field.

A better result using less time and resources

Feedback from current customers demonstrate that using PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, will increase your agility to gain and retain business. Reacting to customers quickly and efficiently, removing stress about workplace compliance and being confident in the way you are managing your business provides the environment for your success.

We are confident we can save you time and resources and improve the way you appear to your customers.

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