Innovative Technology versus Business Acumen

Enterprise Grade Business Apps for SMEs

Innovative Technology versus Business Acumen.
Which is more important to building a successful business application?

Innovation is essential for ongoing business success.

No longer can business stand still and expect to survive let alone prosper. Technology can help drive this innovation as long as it supports the business strategy.

Whether your business has new opportunities, has reached a crossroads or is restricted by legacy systems and processes, the business app should not just look good, but also needs to be intuitive, smart and effective to translate your integrated digital strategy into sustainable value for your business. Both strong business acumen and innovative technology are essential to design, develop and deploy a business app that propels your business to the next level.

A key ingredient to delivering an enterprise grade business app, is to focus on the “End-User Experience”. This can be the experience of an internal employee or how an external Customer interacts with your business via the App. Capturing the core value of your business through how you differentiate your business, whether that is what you provide, how you provide it or who you provide it to, can be embedded into the “end-user experience”. The desired outcome is for the business to thrive and be successful in a dynamic and competitive global marketplace.

Whether you are building the business app based on your existing system or leveraging off a more sophisticated real time data management platform (such as PLATFORM 101) the relationship with the software house cannot be based purely on innovative technology, nor on strong business acumen. You should build a relationship that provides both in order to realise your full digital potential.

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