Increasing productivity by embracing a well designed business app

well designed business app

Increasing productivity by embracing a well designed business app.

Apps 101 CEO David Spurgeon explains how.

While many organisations understand the benefits of a Mobile App to help promote their business externally, the Business App designed make their internal processes more efficient is just as critical. Businesses that have recognised this are able to harvest benefits such as increased productivity, business process efficiency gains and are also able to leverage their ‘big’ data more effectively.

These inward facing Business Apps are becoming increasingly more commonplace in the business world because they are specifically designed to help organisations make the best decisions and solve their problems as efficiently as possible.

Whilst there are many reasons to invest in a well designed Business App, the primary ones are:

  • Workforce Productivity
  • Effectiveness & Efficiency Gains
  • Leverage Your Data

Workforce Productivity – Connecting your workforce

Organisations are made up of both individuals and teams which need to work together harmoniously. Clear, effective and accountable communication is key. Business Apps designed around a communication centric model can drive internal engagement and enables employees to stay current with each other and their tasks. Effective communication also strengthens the culture of an organisation by enhancing the relationships between team members and individuals.

Communication and engagement often return low responses on staff surveys. Addressing these through appropriately and well designed Business Apps will generate a better connected, more inclusive workplace which in turn will drive productivity gains.

Effectiveness & Efficiency Gains

Business Apps that simplify internal communications, allow collaboration between business units, and support the ability to access important data even whilst offline can certainly make a workplace more effective and efficient. Real benefits can be gained from time savings alone.

A well designed, developed and deployed business App will integrate multiple sources of data, clearing away distracting complexity and removing internal silos. Obviously the user experience should be designed around the business not the software, but frequently this is not the case.

The ability to access these services on any device, anytime and anywhere gives you ultimate flexibility in how you run your business and importantly can help you to recognise and respond to changes and opportunities as quickly as possible.

Leverage Your Data

Many organisations understand the concepts of data value but are hamstrung by the distributed, replicated and unstructured nature of their business data.

The practice of solving business problems with bespoke and siloed technology solutions has led to the data being stored multiple times in multiple formats and locations with little ability to derive the full value of all this information.

Once again well designed, developed and deployed Business Apps can solve this problem and present data anytime anywhere. With purpose built analytics routines, the Business App can extract value from all the data you store and present it in an easy efficient manner to support better business decision making.

Over time, Business Apps with a structured back end can and should replace these silo solutions to really empower organisations to derive the full value of from the vast amount of data that is captured every working day.

Capitalising from the rise of the Business App

Re-imagine your business for the digital economy and even move to new business models to optimise outcomes whether your workforce, business process or your valuable business data.

Contributed by CEO David Spurgeon, Apps 101. Specialists in the design, development and deployment of Business Apps for SMEs through to Corporations of varying size, complexity and maturity. We partner with our Customers, building a solution that puts the “User Defined Experience” at the core of our work.

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