Is legacy technology holding your business back?

is legacy technology holding back your business

Legacy technology, is it holding your business back?

Re-imagine your business for the digital economy

It is no longer possible to clearly delineate the digital economy from the traditional economy. Businesses that ignore one or the other are positioning themselves for failure. But how do you re-imagine your business for the digital economy?

The best advice is not to let the limits of legacy technology hold the business back. It is common for the tail to wag the dog, or in the modern world, for the software to dictate to the business, rather than the businesses dictating to the software as it should.

Preparing a solid platform for growth

In order to gain an attractive return on investment in information, communication and technology it is essential to take a holistic view of the business, current and future operations. Those with vision recognise that integration of multiple, diverse and disparate data and systems is critical for this to occur. A fully integrated management system designed to serve the business is the first step as it clears away distracting complexity and prepares a solid platform for growth.

From here the business is positioned to re-imagine itself for the digital economy without constraint. Whether you use big data as an enabler for positive customer experience or the myriad of communications and collaboration tools to innovate, either internally within the company or externally with strategic partners, customers, Academia and Government, the business impact can be significant.

According to MIT research, companies with 50% or more of their revenues from the digital economy not only have higher revenues, but also boast higher profit margins that their industry’s average.

Leveraging opportunity

Business is inundated with point solution apps, designed to solve stand-alone problems or tasks. Easy to identify, cheap to buy (initially), and with glittering user interface that defies the simplicity of the engine driving the operations behind the scenes. These have their place, but to fully leverage the opportunity of the digital economy a more connected and strategic approach is necessary.

A well designed, developed and deployed Business App based on integrated data and systems will enable business to optimise the outcomes by leveraging the opportunities effectively.

Contributed by Jane Whyte, Strategic Director, Apps 101. Specialists in the design, development and deployment of Business Apps for SMEs through to Corporations of varying size, complexity and maturity. We partner with our Customers, building a solution that puts the “User Defined Experience” at the core of our work.

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