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From increasing productivity to driving your brand, well designed Internal and External facing apps are essential tools for businesses of all size.

At Apps 101 we understand that many businesses have existing systems for core capabilities. Often these can be point solutions for individual needs but which don’t talk to each other leading to inefficient processes. Businesses will obviously want to extract value from their investment in these systems but can be hamstrung by their siloed nature.

Our role is to optimise outcomes with an Enterprise Grade Business App built around your “User Defined Experience” embracing your functionality, your culture and your language and incorporating your own databases and software. We provide the option of enterprise grade Business Apps designed as an “umbrella” system specifically integrated to your own internal systems and data stores enabling you to unlock the value from your existing business data and processes. Our belief is that software should not be one size fits all.

Many businesses have existing systems for core capabilities and still wish to extract value from their sunk investment in these systems. Often these point systems are not interconnected leading to inefficient processes. Working closely with the day to day users of these systems, Apps 101 can develop Business Apps that bring together and leverage the intrinsic value of your existing systems to deliver an enhanced “End-User Experience”.

Our team of highly experienced thought leaders can help translate your integrated digital strategy into sustainable value for your business. Displaying passion, creativity and expertise, we help our Customers translate their potential into reality.

enterprise grade business app

Experts in Enterprise Application Development

Since inception, Apps 101 has focused on handpicking some of the finest talents in enterprise application development. With us, you are not dealing with ‘fresh out of school’ developers but with seasoned engineers who have years of development experience on various platforms. This makes all the difference in building a robust and scalable product.

User Experience First

User Experience leads technology in the current market ecosystem. Your employees and customers expect the same top-notch User Experience they have seen in consumer Apps.  A good design team is critical for your enterprise grade Business App’s success. At Apps 101, we have a creative, passionate and experienced design team that focuses on creating engaging Customer Experiences for our Business Apps.

Rapid Enterprise Mobile Development

With increasingly changing demands for mobile apps, speed is the key to success of your enterprise app. At Apps 101, we use an innovative solutions framework for application development which helps increase your speed to market.

Support Services for your Enterprise Application

Often overlooked as a nice to have service, support services are critical for applications that promise to work seamlessly, providing mission critical service without outage. Apps 101 offers the following services:
  • 24*7 Support Service which comes with ticketing, issue categorisation, escalation, follow-up and notification.
  • Event or application monitoring for specific activities or timeline.

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