Business Management System for highly-regulated Industry

Maintaining information to work effectively in Highly-Regulated Industry!

Running your normal business activity can be the easy bit! Keeping all the records on inspections, services, calibration, tests etc., can be a challenge and a source of stress in a small to medium business. PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, can help with electronic forms available on tablets and smart phones which can be used in the field or on the job, immediately updating your system. Workflow notifications, tailored to your conditions ensure tasks are not missed and go unnoticed. This means you are relying on a robust system – not any one person in your team.

Document & Record Control

LIBRARY 101 has full document control capability. You can store and preserve, provide access, control versions and supersede documents. The brilliant thing about LIBRARY 101 is it can be available to you anywhere and anytime. You can even provide controlled access to your customers. When you review and update a document, you can send notifications to the appropriate person to approve the new version, to those who need to be advised of a new version and those in your business that need to read, understand and agree to work to the new version.

All of these actions will be date and time stamped for your records.

Managing tests, inspections or field monitoring

If your work involves repeating the same inspections, tests or monitoring at designated times or frequencies, PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, can help. Smart eforms can be based on your requirements, and completed remotely using a tablet or smart phone. The data will update the system directly.

Used in conjunction with the compliance and workflow modules, required actions can be notified to the responsible person you determine, and status of compliance is provided on your home screen using a traffic light system.

Managing Licence and training requirements required by your customer and/or Legislation

Managing the currency of your workers licensing and training can be a drain on your administrative resources. Simple functionality in PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, allows you to define the requirements for different customers and work activities, then at a glance you can see your compliance against these requirements.

You can ensure that you only assign workers to a task they are trained, licensed and competent to undertake. Notifications of qualification expiry are set by you to ensure an alert is raised and email notification sent to the person you assign to manage the refreshers required.

When auditors arrive to review your compliance

Using PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, allows you to provide evidence of your compliance quickly and easily. The system supports setting up requirements specific to your business and transparency on how you are tracking. This will become a part of the way you manage your business, so audits will be a breeze!

Working for multiple customers with multiple requirements

One of the biggest challenges for companies servicing multiple customers is making sure all individual customer needs are met each time work is conducted. Whether it is different inductions or training requirements, or equipment requirements, PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, has been developed to make this simple. Functionality allows you to create conditions on workplaces, equipment and people.

Use technology to make compliance simple

Talk to Apps 101 about removing paper and manual record keeping from your life, saving time and money, ensuring the compliance of your business!!

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