Complying with Certification Standards

ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ASNZ 4801 2001

Complying with Certification Standards, it’s a snap!

You have systems in place, you have your certification, but keeping spreadsheets and documents organised, up to date and shared is a challenge.

We have created an application with a built in document storage and control system. Functionality that supports compliance of certification standards, (people, equipment and workplace) incident, non-conformance, change management, risk assessment and action workflows.

Fully integrated processes!

PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, has been built to ensure linking your customers, suppliers, interested parties and people to risk assessments, non-conformance and incident, audit and change management is simple!

You can enter your activities or processes for your quality process and select them in risk assessments, change management and non-conformance. This functionality provides a fully integrated quality process.

Incident & Non-Conformance Management

The Incident Event functionality in EVENT 101 provides for assigning responsibility, investigation and categorisation. Incidents and Non-Conformances can be linked to customers, suppliers, people, equipment and workplaces. Corrective and/or Preventive actions can be created from within the transaction, and displayed in the hierarchy of control.

Corrective Actions and using Workflow

PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, includes WORKFLOW 101. WORKFLOW 101 provides quick and easy corrective and preventive action recording including automated notifications through email.

Managing repeatable tasks using smartforms

WORKFLOW 101 also allows you to develop your own smart eforms for repeatable activities. This can be very useful if you monitor the same thing every day, week, month or year. A smart eform, to your own specifications, can be developed to update data from tablets and smart phones directly to your database.

These smart eforms can be set as a required activity on your schedule and workflows for reminders sent to email. Status of compliance can then be provided on upcoming and overdue items.

Change Management

A simple change management process is included in PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform. It allows you to categorise your change (eg. Health, Safety, Environment, Quality, Community, Compliance, Production Volumes or Revenue), risk assess the change, link it to customers and/or suppliers and your business activity. Actions can be created from within the Change event.

Document Control

LIBRARY 101 has full document control capability. You can store and preserve, provide access, control versions and supersede documents. The brilliant thing about document control using LIBRARY 101 in PLATFORM 101, is that when you review and update a document, you can send notifications to the appropriate person to approve the new version, to those who need to be advised of a new version and those in your business that need to read, understand and agree to work to the new version.

All of these actions will be date and time stamped for your records.

Risk Assessment

Entering your risk assessments into Risk Event RISK 101 is simple. RISK 101 has been purpose build to guide you through the process. You can even determine your own hazard types and risk categorisation. If you have an existing risk matrix, simple! Enter it in so the language you are used to appears in drop downs lists for selection. Your risk register is provided in a template report, and actions can be created from within your risk assessment.

We are confident the PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, will save you time and resources with certification standards compliance, and you will no longer get that stressed feeling before your surveillance audit!

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