Contractor Management

In today’s highly competitive business environment it is essential to optimise performance of relevant Supply Networks. Continuous downward cost pressures and higher customer demands in quality, productivity, speed of delivery and overall performance mandate effective and efficient holistic contractor management.

PLATFORM 101, our real time data management platform, is designed to do just that. With full visibility, control and ability to plan and proactively manage multiple resources profitably, complex compliance requirements, a quantum of suppliers in multiple categories, managing risk and optimising performance – our Customers are more than satisfied. It also provides a system to enable the planning, tracking and management of essential information as required by the Australian Industry Participation policy such as Indigenous engagement, Equal opportunities, Environmental performance.

Used by your own in-house subject matter experts, or accessing PLATFORM 101 Professional Services, our focus is outcome optimisation, pure and simple.

Running your supply network at the lowest cost with digital technology access, management and monitoring makes your business more competitive and more attractive to your Customers and will be your point of differentiation in the market place.

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