PLATFORM 101, ISO aligned, end-to-end Digital Business Management allows organisations of all size to control their entire workflow anytime anywhere.

From startups to SMEs to Corporations, all organisations need to be able to clearly monitor, measure and manage their business to be able to grow successfully. Traditional methods can range from spreadsheets to full scale ERP solutions depending on the budget but often these just add to the problem. For example, a spreadsheet is a low cost but low control solution whereas a full-blown ERP system can be very complex, expensive and difficult to integrate.

Some common business problems we see are:

  • Reduced profitability due to inability to efficiently track income and expenses
  • Growth constraints due to inefficient business processes and procedures
  • Increased risk due to poorly controlled business management systems
  • Constrained decision making due to lack of integrated key management data

Our System

PLATFORM 101 is the foundation on which to build your Digital Business Management. It enables organisations of varying size, complexity and maturity to control their entire workflow, anytime, anywhere.

PLATFORM 101 can be configured to integrate equipment, workplace and people management, customer and supplier management, risk management, document management, workflow and enterprise reporting.


Benefits for your Business

  • Simplify business processes and procedures
  • Track income and expenses easily and gain better management of profitability
  • Manage risk and compliance within an ISO aligned environment
  • Manage people, equipment and workplaces all in one place
  • Manage suppliers, consumers and contracts centrally
  • Built in powerful and configurable rules engine to manage your business they way you want to
  • Enables business operations to be brought out of the office to ALL personnel, no matter where they operate
  • Fully configurable to reflect your “User Defined Experience” embracing your functionality, your culture and your language
  • Makes your business safe. Safe from – cost overruns, people, workplace and equipment risk, document mismanagement, lost time, corporate risk and IT risk


  • Pricing options to suit all size of business from startup and SMEs through to corporations
  • Modular licensing so you only pay for the modules you need
  • Rapid deployment and compatible with any device
  • Fully hosted on Australian based servers utilising the Cloud business model.
  • Fully aligned with International and Australian standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801

Are you looking for a Digital Business Management System to power your business?

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