Leigh Tyson

Chief Operating Officer

Leigh is an entrepreneurial ‘big picture’ thinker and strategic problem solver with the necessary commitment, energy and skills to strategically define and deliver innovative business solutions. Leigh breaks down complex business problems, to ensure clear demonstrable business strategy, and architect optimal business change with a roadmap to success.

Leigh possesses excellent management, analytical, and communication skills, with exceptional ability to develop effective business relationships with not just board members and executives, but all organisational levels. He believes in high trust ‘truth consulting’ with clients, and a disruptive positive approach to change that yields real results and benefits within the shortest possible timeframe.

Leigh is a Chief Operating Officer with over 20 years global experience and a strong reputation in core areas of the finance industry, including funds management, investment banking, treasury/central banking, as well as banking technology, services, regulation, and trends.

Leigh has held senior roles in diverse business areas within the financial sector and has spent several years in various technology roles focusing on change delivery incorporating; strategic planning, service outsourcing, operational business analysis, and solution design. He has extensive successful implementation management experience on large multi- million dollar Finance Sector change initiatives.

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