Digital Partner for Startups, SMEs and Corporates offering digital solutions, funding, marketing, finance and business advice through our trusted partner network.

APPS 101 have formed a number of strategic alliances to power our solution model and provide the most comprehensive service to our clients. From start-ups to SMEs to Corporations, we work with organisations of all size to help them meet their business goals no matter what part of the maturity cycle they are in. From inception, to start up to commercialisation, to increasing market value and hopefully, successful exit via succession, sale or merger, we can help.

These services include:

    • Startup Funding – through our partnership with Prime Financial, we have access to one of the leading funding platforms for start-ups. We can help you navigate the process of funding submissions, business cases and planning to increase the chances of success for your venture.


    • Capital Raising – Almost every growing business requires additional capital to fuel growth at some point. Whether funding initiatives to increase market share, investing to produce operational efficiencies, creating new technologies or expanding your physical footprint, additional capital is often required. Through our alliance partners, we support our clients with venture capital, debt structuring and more traditional financing solutions.


    • Branding – having a strong digital personality is as critical for burgeoning businesses as well as mature ventures looking to refresh. Our partners provide a market leading suite of digital solutions to bring your digital strategy to life.


    • Marketing and Media – all businesses need to have a clear path to market. Partnering with the right team to ensure that your marketing and media campaigns are efficient, effective and appropriate for your business aims is critical. Our experts can help you design, build and execute your marketing and media strategy to the greatest effect.


    • Digital Business Management – we specialise in providing Digital Business Management Systems for SMEs through to Corporations of varying size, complexity and maturity.


    • Accounting and Tax Advisory – We work with Small-Medium Enterprises and public companies alike to ensure sustainable growth, appropriate tax structuring, cash flow accumulation and increased enterprise value are achieved for shareholders and stakeholders alike.


    • Corporate Advisory – providing strategic advice in relation to the establishment, growth and development of businesses, including funding options.


  • Transactions & Restructuring – we leverage corporate development and M & A experience on behalf of our clients and those of our wealth management and accounting partners and networks.
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